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Contract Research Synthesis Service

Natland's Ph.D. chemists have years of experience in exploratory, collaborative R&D synthesis in pharmaceutical field. When you are up to a project need contract research, contract organic synthesis, R&D synthesis, our team of organic chemists will be able to achieve your goal effectively in short period of time.

Natland's Contract Research Synthesis Service

  • Collaboration in discovery of novel compounds
  • Synthesis of analogues of lead compounds
  • Building a library of compounds
  • Process research

Strengths of our Contract Research Synthesis Service:

  • Experienced in Research and Development

Our team of organic Ph.D. chemists and technicians have an average more than 15 years of organic synthesis experience. Such experience makes our R&D synthesis work very effective. Over the years, our Ph.D. chemists have developed own synthesis procedures to maximize the control of quality and efficiency.

  • Solid Problem Solving Skill

Our chemists have been successful in various types of very difficult organic synthesis projects. This success is owed to our resourceful chemists who are capable of tackling and solving problems in synthesis process. We will listen to your needs and communicate with your team to deliver the intelligent solution.

  • Reliable

Our goal is providing our clients reliable service. We are striving to deliver final compound on time with required purity on each project. We have been very successful to achieve this goal.

  • Flexible to your needs

Our team of chemists are very flexible to meet your needs. We are capable of working with your team of chemists as collaborator or consultant to help you to achieve your goal.

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